Welcoming Our New CFO to Micro-LAM: Ben Olds

by | Nov 7, 2023 | Company News, Press

Jonathan D. Ellis, VP of Research and Innovation, MICRO-LAM


Micro-LAM proudly welcomes Ben Olds as our new Chief Financial Officer.  

Ben brings to the table an impressive career of over 30 years in the finance domain. He previously served as the Director of Finance & Operations at Genesis Innovation Group. His wide-ranging experience spans multiple sectors such as medical devices, healthcare, automotive, and software. Ben’s adaptability and expertise have made him an asset in both established multi-billion dollar corporations and emerging pre-revenue startups.  

In his role as CFO at Micro-LAM, Ben Olds is set to guide our financial health with the same commitment he’s shown throughout his career. With his extensive experience and practical wisdom, Ben will play a crucial part in making sure our company stays on a stable and profitable path. His hands-on approach to finance and belief in the power of teamwork are exactly what we need as we build our future. 

Ben is a  graduate in Finance from Grand Valley State University.  Beyond the numbers and the boardrooms, Ben hails from Grand Rapids, MI where he has raised three sons. An interesting fact about him – he’s coached a diverse range of sports. Away from the office, you’re likely to spot him either walking 18 holes at his local golf course or coaching high school lacrosse.  

One of Ben’s favorite quotes is from Ben Stein, “Personal Relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, and all achievement in real life grows.”  At work, Ben’s approach is collaborative, underlined by his strong work ethic. He captures his dedication in the phrase “Whatever It Takes.” For those stepping into the world of finance, Ben’s advice is simple yet profound: “Listen!”  

We’re enthusiastic about Ben joining the Micro-LAM family and are confident that with his guidance, our future looks even brighter.  

Warm welcome, Ben! 











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