Optimus: A Micro-LAM Brand

Next-Level Diamond Turning

MICRO-LAM Optimus T2 - Laser Assisted Tool

What It Is

Put simply, OPTIMUS T2 is a breakthrough. It’s a next-level, laser-assisted machining device that leverages the deterministic nature and flexibility of your existing diamond-turning machine, transforming it into a platform that can fabricate complex optical surfaces. Keep your proprietary optics in house. Plus, keep an eye on Micro-LAM for new, unconventional materials announcements as we push the boundaries of diamond turning technology.

Your Competitive Edge

Building on the success of the T+1, the OPTIMUS T2 is a patented system that makes your existing investment in ultra-precision machines even more valuable. Launched in 2020, it maximizes productivity for challenging diamond-turned materials. What’s more, it adds future capabilities for diamond turning fused silica, BK7, Zerodur and more.











Keep more work in-house.
Reduce costs.

Reduce Overall Costs

Boost productivity.

Boost Productivity

Application Reports for Materials Tested

Exceptional Accessories

Micro-LAM Optimus T2 - Opto-Mechanical Diamond Tools (OMDT)

Opto-Mechanical Diamond Tools (OMDT) for the Optimus require exceptional attention to detail. Our laser assisted machine tools meet your most demanding tool requirements.

Micro-LAM Optimus T2 - Opto-Mechanical Diamond Tools (OMDT)
Micro-LAM Optimus T2 - VIOS

Inspect with confidence using unmatched process monitoring and part inspection. Includes visual laser assisted focal position indicators for ultra-quick set‑up.

Micro-LAM Optimus T2 - VIOS
Micro-LAM Optimus T2 - HALO+

Quick, accurate alignment of your laser beam to the cutting edge. The HALO+ (High Accuracy Laser Optimizer) is a laser power sensor plus integrated camera that makes it easy.

Micro-LAM Optimus T2 - HALO+
Micro-LAM Optimus T2 - HAWK-i

Check tool condition right on the machine. Operators know when it’s time to change out tools, and not before.

Micro-LAM Optimus T2 - HAWK-i