The Best Finance Path to Ownership

Manufacturers using diamond turning machines know they incur frequent and often unpredictable recurring costs necessary to maintain the tooling needed to continue production at a time where cash flow is low and revenues are lagging. MICRO-LAM is here to help.

MICRO-LAM is offering the OPTIMUS FleXvantedge Program, a financing program that provides a path to complete ownership of a MICRO-LAM system. This unique program provides a company with three years of fixed operating costs plus the immediate use of a MICRO-LAM laser-assisted machining system. The program includes training, flexible tool options, unlimited re-lap and a three year warranty. Companies signing up for the OPTIMUS FleXvantedge Program can take delivery in as little as four weeks.

Here’s how it works:

The OPTIMUS FleXvantedge Program can be used to purchase the OPTIMUS T+1 or OPTIMUS T2 Laser Assisted Machining System.

Included in the program:

  • Machine specific Laser Barriers, Door Interlocks and Control Interconnects.
  • Factory Acceptance, on-site Installation and Training.
  • (2) Year Warranty.
  • OPTIMUS Opto-Mechanical diamond tool ‘Complete Care’ plan.
    • (20) Diamond Tool, continuous inventory for (3) years.
    • Up to (5) new tool geometries per quarter.
    • Unlimited re-laps and repair of OPTIMUS tools for (3) years.

MICRO-LAM systems equip diamond turning machine with lasers to soften materials that are difficult to cut, such as ceramics, silicon and metal. This approach improves product yield with added precision, and extends the life of cutting tools by creating far less stress on these tools.