The Tool That Started It All.

MICRO-LAM Optimus T+1 - Laser Assisted Tool

What It Is

What happens when an IR beam passes through an optically transparent diamond-cutting tool to deliver heat at the precise tool workpiece interface? In short, something amazing. The T+1 delivers a laser beam precisely at the tool’s cutting edge to soften the material where you need it. Adding just the right amount of heat, precisely at the cutting zone has a huge effect on the part quality, reduces tool wear and improves throughput. That’s what we call a win-win-win!

Your Competitive Edge

Our customers call this a secret weapon because it’s the only system of its kind that’s been proven through extensive research and testing. What’s more, it bolts on to your existing system in about two hours. So it’s not just a game-changer, but a practical, affordable game-changer for advanced engineering of ceramics, semiconductors, glass, metals and more. You’ll boost productivity and quality while minimizing material waste and tooling costs.





Defense and Armor.

Defense and Armor





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Keep more work in-house.
Improve Part Quality
Reduce costs.
Extend Tool Life
Boost productivity.
Boost Productivity

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