Defy the status quo, for starters. Modern material science has advanced while manufacturing processes have struggled to keep up. The results: low productivity, low machine efficiency. Not to mention manufacturing limitations that compromise optical design possibilities. That’s where MICRO-LAM comes in. We boldly go beyond the status quo to deliver leading edge innovation with superior results, proven testing and usage in 20+ countries around the world.

A patented system our competitors can only dream of.

and only our engineers can brag about.

MICRO-LAM - Patented System

Robust patents owned & exclusively licensed by us.

Worldwide IP coverage in 14 countries.

Deep (and growing) bench of R&D talent.

How we got here

  • Deepak pursued & completed Ph.D. in laser assisted machining
  • Received Federal (SBIR) & state grants
  • First Successful Industry Beta Test


  • Commercialized OPTIMUS T+1 for enhancement of conventionally diamond turned materials.
  • Moved into 1,000 sq.ft. incubator facility.


  • First system sale and installation in production environment.

  • Strategic two year partnership with diamond turning machine OEM, AMETEK.

  • (5) installed systems



  • Raised series A investment funding.

  • Expanded into 22,000 sq.ft production facility

  • (17) installed systems



  • Enabling diamond turning capabilities for tungsten carbide.
  • Fully capable application and R&D lab including latest metrology & lathes
  • Expanded OEM distribution agreements to include MNTS, Precitech and Schneider.
  • (42) installed systems


  • Top 50 Michigan companies to watch.
  • Raised series B investment
  • Founded M10 Edge diamond tool manufacturing company.
  • (64) installed systems


  • Launch of OPTIMUS T2 product, capable of diamond turning glass.
  • Opened Precision Advancement Center of Excellence. P.A.C.E. United Kingdom/Europe
  • Exclusivity Deal for Precision Glass Molding
  • (78) installed systems


A bold blend of entrepreneurship and imagination.

Dr. Deepak Ravindra, Founder/CEO

“I don’t like only to think of ‘what.’ I like to think of ‘what else?’”

While the road to success is always under construction, dynamic growth is often driven by the team you are orchestrating. This has been a vital motto for founder/CEO Dr. Deepak Ravindra who in just over 5 years has grown Micro-LAM into one of the industry’s most enviable developers of laser-based tools. Deepak’s entrepreneurial spirit was first sparked while serving on a pilot group for Stanford University’s Innovation-Corps program. Today, his leadership is fueling the laser-assisted machining of some of the most challenging materials: glass, crystals, ceramics and hard metals for some of the most challenging industries: defense, aerospace, semiconductor, advanced ceramics and optics. His visions are fueling the future with a special emphasize on positively impacting our daily lives. As Deepak says, “Status quo technology comes from old ideas. We have to see possibility where others don’t so we can think of what’s next.”