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Issued Patents

Patent No.
Related Products
US 8,933,366
US 15/653,019
US 10,183,337
Taiwanese Application No. 106124201
PRC (China) Application No. 201780006362.3
Israel 264010
India 201947005581
OPTIMUST+1 T+1 Laser Assisted System:
-OPTIMUST+1 Laser Assisted Tool Post
-Multipurpose Laser Control Station
-Laser Assisted Diamond Tool

Pending Patents

Canada 3029966
European 17831697.2
Japan PCT/US2017/042625

South Korea 10-2019-7004549
Russia PCT/US2017/042625
Hong Kong 19119804.3

Note: The above mentioned products may be purchased as a complete system or individually including all necessary replacement parts.